02 October 2009

My most recent creation

Courtesy of a pattern created by DOT MATTHEWS found here:



I used Lion Brand Homespun yarn and a size J hook because it seems that I don't own a size K hook. Will have to fix that at some point. 

I plan to wear this hat this winter and quite possibly when the family 
returns to the MD Renfaire in late Oct to help hide my too short hair.

01 October 2009

Insert witty first title here

So, here we go. I've got the urge to create and share the struggles. I'll probably throw things up here that I've done in the past, just to give a baseline of skill. Hopefully there'll be a nice difference between where I start and where things end up.

Not only will this be a chronicle of sorts, but my own little virtual clipboard of inspiration, things that worked and most likely a healthy serving of missteps.

I encourage visitors to leave comments and suggestions...please to be keeping them constructive!