21 February 2010

Attack of the Glitter Monster!!

Chalk this one up to a mom's delusion that she can do that. My baby girl is turning 5 this week! On the 26th to be exact. We have a nice little party planned for family and friends on Sunday. Now, I'm not really sure when the idea of party favors for the kids in attendance started (I certainly don't remember favor bags from my childhood) but they are a big thing these days. That's fine, we can roll with it.

Not long ago we attended a super hero themed party. Every child was given a hero cape to take home as a party favor. Really sweet idea. My two loved it. So now we come to my daughter's party. She has toyed with having a princess party pretty much since she discovered such a thing existed. But for whatever reason other themes have won out in the end.

Not this year. This year we are having a princess party. Daddy has already brought home plates and napkins with the Disney girls printed on them. We have Cinderella gracing the Happy Birthday banner.

I decided that we should do something extra special for the favors. Turns out, making a tutu isn't all that difficult. In fact I'm not even going to have to touch my sewing machine for this. Yesterday was Mommy and Daughter day, so we hit the fabric store. JoAnn's has just about every scrap of special occasion fabric on sale. We picked out a really pretty pink organza and a purple with a really neat swirly glitter pattern.

Yep, glitter. We got home and I pulled out my handy dandy rotary cutter and set to work in the living room. The birthday girl helped, for about 20 minutes...which for a soon to be 5 year old was about an eternity. Eventually Baby Brother woke up so we had to pack it in. But the damage was already done.

I can't even begin to estimate how much glitter is floating around the house now. It's been tracked into just about every corner of the house. Birthday Girl and I worked on them again during nap time today. I broke out the broom, then resorted to a damp paper towel and thought finally, the glitter track will stop. Then Baby Brother woke up from nap. I should have taken a picture of the bottom of his foot after his first lap through the living room. You would've thought I'd painted him with body glitter. Birthday Girl will be getting her license before we get all the glitter out of this house. Fortunately we probably wont still be living here by then.

I'm actually going to have to head out and get another half yard or so of the pink tomorrow and figure out what fabric I'm going to use for the princes that will be attending. I'm going to make reversible tabards for the boys. I plan on cheating though with several yards of nicely contrasting bias tape. ;) I also have a nice lion rampant that I can blow up and cut out in felt. I might stitch it on, but if my past craft projects hold true, I'll be lucky to get them on with fabric glue the night before the party. lol

All other projects are on hold for the time being.

17 February 2010

No excuses

Honestly, the title says it all. I've just been lazy about blogging. I've been up to lots of stuff in the craft department though.

I completed my first true knitting project. It was suppose to be a gift for a new baby boy, however opinions were the sweater looked girly. So, I scrambled around and found an adorable pattern for overalls and some really cool denim like yarn and set to work. They took far longer than I hoped, but this morning I was able to clean up the yarn snotties and add the buttons. Now all that remains is to find a nice way to package them up and send them off.

The pattern for these super cute overalls can be found here: http://lwalters1-ivil.tripod.com/biboveralls.html
It'll be a long time before I'm up to creating my own knitting patterns. ;)

02 October 2009

My most recent creation

Courtesy of a pattern created by DOT MATTHEWS found here:



I used Lion Brand Homespun yarn and a size J hook because it seems that I don't own a size K hook. Will have to fix that at some point. 

I plan to wear this hat this winter and quite possibly when the family 
returns to the MD Renfaire in late Oct to help hide my too short hair.

01 October 2009

Insert witty first title here

So, here we go. I've got the urge to create and share the struggles. I'll probably throw things up here that I've done in the past, just to give a baseline of skill. Hopefully there'll be a nice difference between where I start and where things end up.

Not only will this be a chronicle of sorts, but my own little virtual clipboard of inspiration, things that worked and most likely a healthy serving of missteps.

I encourage visitors to leave comments and suggestions...please to be keeping them constructive!