17 February 2010

No excuses

Honestly, the title says it all. I've just been lazy about blogging. I've been up to lots of stuff in the craft department though.

I completed my first true knitting project. It was suppose to be a gift for a new baby boy, however opinions were the sweater looked girly. So, I scrambled around and found an adorable pattern for overalls and some really cool denim like yarn and set to work. They took far longer than I hoped, but this morning I was able to clean up the yarn snotties and add the buttons. Now all that remains is to find a nice way to package them up and send them off.

The pattern for these super cute overalls can be found here: http://lwalters1-ivil.tripod.com/biboveralls.html
It'll be a long time before I'm up to creating my own knitting patterns. ;)

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